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Who Is GregJxn?

My name is Greg Jackson, I often use the abreviation GregJxn for online profiles and such.

I am a pretty normal-ish guy who enjoys software-engineering, music-making, idea-spinning, gaming, playing guitar and drinking coffee.

What Is This Site For?

This collection of static pages tries to bring together all my "internet stuff". I like making things - Creating things is a big driver of who I am, so there are WordPress plugins, Javascript ideas, some downloadable stuff, and recordings of music I have composed, and my Measurable Wins blog.

This page is a bit of a taster of some of the content here. The header area features my Glow javascript color fader.

Here's a couple of recent releases from my music page:

You can download my music for free (Pay-What-You-Want) from my Bandcamp page, or Like my Facebook page if you want to keep up to date.